Introducing WindPouch GO™


WindPouch GO™

Inspired by you. Designed for adventure.

Meticulously engineered by our Atlanta-based design team, WindPouch GO™ inflatable hammock is our answer to today’s yearning for more simplistic, spontaneous good times. WindPouch GO™ is always ready for instantaneous use, inflating and deflating quickly and easily, and remaining comfortably inflated for hours. After use, WindPouch packs down rapidly into a lightweight, compact package for travel anywhere. Perfect for camping, outdoor events, lounging at the beach, at the airport, and more!

Backed by our limited lifetime warranty. Learn more.

WindPouch Inflatable Hammock GO™ True Navy
WindPouch Inflatable Hammock Hex-RS™ Ripstop Nylon Fabric
WindPouch GO™ Inflatable Hammock Exclusive Features
WindPouch GO™ Inflatable Hammock Camping Adventure


WARNING: Not recommended for use in water.
This is not a floatation device or toy.