Our Story

WindPouch GO™ Inflatable Hammock Imperial Red

Adventure lives here.

Since man first walked the earth, curiosity and exploration have defined our species. Our insatiable appetite for exploration is what defines us. It’s in our genes, hardwired within us. It’s who we are.

Today, the world is changing faster than ever. We’re hyperconnected through social media, email, and mobile devices, yet we’re also more isolated, spending more time inside and much less time outdoors with others exploring and appreciating the beauty of the world around us.

WindPouch Inflatable Hammock. Explore everywhere. Adventure anywhere.

Revive your adventurous spirit.

Meticulously engineered by our Atlanta-based design team, WindPouch is our answer to today’s yearning for more simplistic, spontaneous good times. Ultra durable, lightweight, portable, comfy and beautifully simple, WindPouch inflates in seconds for a convenient respite anywhere.

Relax on it, snooze on it, use it as drybag. WindPouch is designed to fit your life’s unique adventures indoors, outdoors and everywhere inbetween. Try it in the backcountry, on your favorite hiking trail, on camping trips, at an outdoor concert, lounging on the beach, in your backyard, inside the house for additional sleeping accommodations, on the road or at the airport. Your WindPouch is always ready for instantaneous use, inflating and deflating quickly and easily, and remaining comfortably inflated for hours. After use, WindPouch packs down rapidly into a lightweight, compact package for travel anywhere.

We’re confident in our quality, and believe you will enjoy integrating WindPouch into your active lifestyle. Every WindPouch includes a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Our team didn’t set out to change the world, we’re just making exploration a lot more fun!

WindPouch Inflatable Hammock. Explore everywhere. Adventure anywhere.