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WindPouch™ FAQ

Welcome, young grasshopper.


Q. Why is WindPouch™ Inflatable Hammock the world’s best inflatable hammock?

A. Using our WindLock™ technology, WindPouch™ Inflatable Hammocks inflate in seconds -without a pump- for comfortable seating anywhere. WindPouch™ is an inflatable air lounger / blow up seat / ground hammock and does not hang, use strings, or require trees like a traditional hammock.

WindPouch™ is unmatched in quality, durability, and features. Our inflatable hammocks feature our exclusive comfort headrest for neck and back support, and are crafted with our proprietary Hex-RS™ Hexagonal Ripstop fabrics for supreme durability and comfort. Designed for your active lifestyle, every WindPouch™ is backed by our limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

WindPouch GO™ is a premium inflatable ground hammock, designed to handle the world’s toughest terrains and built for adventure. Great for hiking, camping, and all kinds of outdoor adventures, WindPouch GO™ is the most durable and resilient inflatable hammock on the market. Made with our DWR (durable water repellent) coated Hex-RS™ Hexagonal Ripstop nylon, GO™ supports up to 550 lbs (250 kg). Includes an anodized aluminum stake kit + carabiner and Hex-RS™ carrying case. Product length: 96". $79.99 (USD). Buy Now.

WindPouch Lite™ is a light duty inflatable ground hammock, designed for your everyday adventures. Weighing only 2.6 lbs, the Lite™ is the lightest inflatable hammock we've ever made. Made with Poly-Hex™ Hexagonal Ripstop polyester, Lite™ supports up to 450 lbs (205 kg). Perfect for parks, concerts, the beach, inside or wherever you need quick, comfortable seating. Available in three stunning two-tone colors. Product length: 88". $55 (USD). Buy Now.


Q. How durable is my WindPouch™ Inflatable Hammock?

A. WindPouch™ is the most durable inflatable hammock on the market. Made with our proprietary Hex-RS™ Hexagonal Ripstop fabrics, WindPouch™ will resist rips and tears. Every WindPouch™ is backed by our limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.


Q. What features are included with WindPouch™?

A. We’ve thought of (just about) everything. WindPouch GO™ includes an anodized carabiner and bottle opener, an anodized aluminum securing stake, securing stability loop, hanging mesh pocket and water-resistant Hex-RS™ hexagonal ripstop nylon carrying case. WindPouch Lite™ includes Poly-Hex™ hexagonal ripstop polyester carrying case. Pretty cool, eh?


Q. How many days does it take to deliver my WindPouch™?

A. New orders typically ship same or next business day. However, please allow a 2-5 day processing time for each new order. WindPouch headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. We ship domestically with UPS and USPS Priority, with typical delivery timeframes of 2-5 business days. Unfortunately, we do not ship individual international orders at this time. We are excited to share our product with you, and our entire team works hard to make sure your WindPouch™ is delivered promptly!


Q. Can I buy WindPouch™ in retail stores?

A. You betcha! WindPouch™ Inflatable Hammocks are available in retail stores across the United States. For a store near you, please contact us. What to help us spread adventure across the land? Learn how you can become an affiliate here.


Q. What are the dimensions of the WindPouch™ Inflatable Hammock?

A. When deflated and placed inside the carrying case, WindPouch™ has dimensions of 15" x 9" x 4". Please keep in mind that the height, width, and depth will fluctuate depending on how you roll it up and how much air is in it! Inflated, WindPouch GO™ measures 96" long and WindPouch Lite™ measure 88" long.


Q. How do you inflate WindPouch™?

A. WindPouch™ utilizes dual-sleeve openings. Holding the sleeve-opening end of your WindPouch™, open each of the two sleeve openings, using your free hand to ensure that there is plenty of room inside to inflate each sleeve.

To inflate, open the top sleeve while keeping the bottom sleeve opening closed. Move the opening forward in one brisk movement to collect air in the sleeve, quickly closing the opening at the end of each movement. Avoid swinging WindPouch™, instead (this is key!) keep your arms straight in front of you while moving forward to collect air. Repeat this movement a few times until the top sleeve is semi-filled with air. Next, flip the WindPouch™ over and repeat these steps to fill the other sleeve with air.

With your WindPouch™ approximately 75% or more inflated, collect the end of the sleeve and roll tightly three to four times. Pull the rolled up sleeve towards you and connect the securing buckle down and towards your body. Congratulations, your WindPouch™ is set up and ready to enjoy!


Q. How long does the WindPouch™ last on a single fill?

A. On a single fill, WindPouch GO™ and WindPouch Lite™inflatable hammocks will last from 6 to 8 hours with a tight seal. The beauty of our design is that refilling only takes seconds!


Q. How does the WindPouch™ deflate?

A. When you’re ready to deflate and store your WindPouch™, put WindPouch™ on it’s side and disconnect the securing buckle. Unroll the end of the sleeve and open each sleeve opening to allow air to escape.

When deflated, grab the non-opening end of your WindPouch™ and tightly roll to the other end. Maintain a tight, uniform roll so the WindPouch™ will fit properly in the carrying case.

When rolled up, bring the ends together and reconnect the securing buckle. Slide the WindPouch™ back into the carrying case, and you’re ready to go!

After a small learning curve, you’ll be able to set up and break down your WindPouch™ in seconds!


Q. Can the WindPouch™ be used on water?

A. Lightweight and durable, WindPouch™ is the most capable inflatable hammock on the market. However, WindPouch™ products are not designed to be used on water, nor to be used as a floatation device or raft. Our hexagonal ripstop nylon material is DWR (durable water repellant) coated and water resistant. However, extended water exposure may permanently damage your WindPouch™ and will void your WindPouch™'s limited lifetime warranty.  WindPouch ™ should not be used as a substitute safety flotation device. WindPouch™ inflatable hammocks should be used for leisure only.


Q. What's the maximum weight capacity of the WindPouch™?

A. WindPouch™ inflatable hammocks are crafted with Hex-RS™ fabrics, reinforced seams, and triple stitching for supreme durability. WindPouch GO™ supports up to 550 lbs (250 kg). WindPouch Lite™ supports up to 450 lbs (205 kg).


Q. How can I make sure the WindPouch™ doesn't blow away when I'm not on it and the wind picks up?

A. WindPouch GO™ includes a rust-resistant, anodized aluminum stake and securing loop to keep your WindPouch™ stable and secure on all terrains.


Q. Is it possible to sleep on the WindPouch™ overnight?

A. Absolutely! WindPouch™ inflatable hammocks will stay inflated for up to 8 hours and should keep you comfortable and off the ground all night long. More comfortable than a sleeping bag, air mattress, or traditional hammock, WindPouch™'s exclusive pop-up pillow headrest comfortably supports your head, back, and neck throughout the night. Who needs a bed when you've got WindPouch™?


Q. How much does the WindPouch™ weigh?

A. WindPouch GO™ with included accessories and carrying case weighs a total of 3.1 lbs. WindPouch Lite™ with included carry case weights a total of 2.6 lbs.


Q. How do I clean my WindPouch™ Inflatable Hammock?

A. By properly maintaining, cleaning, and storing your WindPouch™, it will last for many years to come! To clean, inflate your WindPouch™ and gently wipe with a clean, damp cloth. To dry, gently wipe down the exterior of your WindPouch™ with a dry cloth, or allow to air dry. Please DO NOT use a washing machine and/or dryer to clean your WindPouch™.


Q. I don’t live in North America. Does WindPouch™ ship internationally?

A. WindPouch is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and primarily serves the United States and North American market. At this time, we are looking for new, international retail partners. For more information, please contact us at sales@windpouch.com


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Comparison Chart
 Product Material 



Built in Pillow Headrest

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Floatation Device?

Product Weight

Supported Weight

Product Length

Attached Pocket

Gear Loops

Carry Bag w/ Shoulder Strap

Accessories Included

Pouch Patches Included

Ideal Usage

WindPouch GO™

70D Nylon Ripstop

DWR Coated

YES YES YES NO 3.1 lbs Up to 550 lbs  96" / 244 cm

YES: 1x Hanging Mesh Pocket with 2 slots




YES: 1x Anodized Aluminum Stake and Carabiner Kit 


Backcountry, camping, hiking, beach, festivals, and concerts.

WindPouch Lite™


210T Polyester Ripstop 





2.6 lbs

Up to 450 lbs

88" / 224 cm


YES, x2




Indoors, backyard, tailgating, park, beach, patio, festivals, and concerts.